“Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize”

Finding the perfect complements to complete your look

Bag it up
Once you’ve got your dress and shoes all picked out, it’s time to choose your purse. It doesn’t need to match your dress, but the two should complement each other.

“It’s all about the clutch,” explains Simone Tolifson, juniors fashion coordinator at Macy’s West. “Clutches are all over the runway. Before it was the mini bag, but now it’s all about the clutch. It looks like young Hollywood and it’s all over the place. The clutch is the most popular bag of the season for evening and going out.”

Your bag should pull your outfit together. It’s a key statement. And it’s a fun way to add something unexpected.

The variety in detailing and sizes of clutches abounds with options from a croco print to fake jewels or a built-in way to hold the purse.

“A lot of chain details inspired by Marc Jacobs are really in now,” continues Tolifson. “Metallic and leather are also great.”

“There are great clutch options for both daytime and evening,” says Adam Moon, the accessories director of Macy’s West. “Just no oversize handbags — stay away from totes during the night.”

Puttin’ on the ritz

Choose jewelry that you love so you’ll be happy with how it all looks in your photos. Everybody wants to stand out and be noticed; a great way to do that is through your jewelry. There’s a much lower chance of having the same bling on as another girl than having the same dress on, so how you accessorize is very important.

Bangles are really popular right now, say fashion experts. You can stack them up and wear multiple at a time.

Adam Moon agrees, “A thicker, metallic bangle is a great look. It’s a little more statement-oriented. It’s a great evening option for the girl who wears cha-cha bangles during the day.”

Gold is also fashionable now, with interesting detailing of earrings and other jewelry pieces, according to Tolifson.

If joining the latest trend isn’t your thing, then try more classic jewelry — pieces that won’t go out of style for a while. These will be the cornerstones of your jewelry collection and a great investment.

“Wear it because you like it, because you love it,” continues Moon. “If you really love it, you can put it all together and make it work. Do more mixing than matching and you can really tell a story with your outfit.”

If you match your jewelry, purse, shoes and dress, you’ll end up looking like a bridesmaid or like you belong at a prom from the ‘80s. If you’re looking for more originality with maybe a bit of funky sophistication, check out the necklaces by Yummi Glass.

“The Anchor necklace is a great one for teens,” says Allison Overbeke, owner and designer of Yummi Glass. “It’s got a nautical feel. It’s like trendy meets elegant. It’s a cool shape for such a simple piece. It’s just classic.”

The Anchor necklace, which is fast gaining popularity with high-end stores, comes in three colors (lapis, white and coral red) and two golds (white gold and gold). Many stars have been spotted in Yummi Glass necklaces, including Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton and Kelly Clarkson, just to name a few.

“It’s all about how you wear it and how you carry yourself,” says Moon. “With confidence, you can pull off wearing anything you love.”


Article published in The San Fransisco Chronicle’s “Prom Guide” custom publication in March 2008. Download PDF of original article to view full layout with PHOTOS!

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