Rave Reviews

Endorsements from managers…

rave reviews

  • “Gabriana is a strong, detail-oriented writer/editor. Her exceptional organizational skills were a huge asset in maintaining our challenging production schedules, and her proactivity and good humor were always welcome on deadline. Her skill and enthusiasm would be a boon to any creative team.” (Michael Ansaldo, San Francisco Chronicle Custom Publications Manager)
  • “Gabriana exceeded the expectations of KNX newsroom management … Gabriana Marks has proven to be dedicated, dependable, intelligent, likable and more than capable. She has earned the respect of her colleagues, and my recommendation.” (Ed Pyle, KNX News Director)
  • “Gabriana is a very capable, very competent writer, and all around highly productive member of our team. I’m delighted to work with her everyday.” (Henry Ford, VP Advertising Gannett)
  • “Gabriana excelled at every task set in front of her while contributing extraordinary time and creativity into growing our CyberGuy media brand and working on editorial production deadlines in television, print and interactive. Well beyond standard duties of an intern, Gabriana proved herself a talented writer, editor and storyteller who is also great with people. We instinctively knew that one day we’d all either see her rise to profession fame or be working for her. Obviously, that day is upon us.” (Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy brand CEO/Founder)
  • “You were one of the best students in a far-better-than-average group of students. … You were prompt, generous, cheerful, and resourceful in your work, and you contributed greatly to the analytical critiques of … student writing.” (Norman Corwin, USC Instructor and “one of the greatest living writers in the English language, and has been called America’s poet laureate of radio”)

 recommendations from colleagues…

  • “Gabriana is a bright and talented asset to any team she joins. Diligent, self-motivated and a good communicator, she works hard and works well with her colleagues. Gabriana expresses an admirable eagerness to grasp the big picture, expand her knowledge base and hone her skills.” (Angelina Acevedo, San Francisco Chronicle Media and Public Relations Specialist)
  • “Gabriana is a detail oriented writer, who is comfortable working under deadlines and getting information out quickly and accurately. She is creative and flexible, adept with new technologies and a joy to be around in a sometimes stressful environment!” (Margie Shafer, KCBS Reporter/Anchor)
  • “An organized, speedy and thorough writer and editor, Gabriana is an eager learner and an enthusiastic soul with a hunger for whatever is out there that needs to be discovered. Gabriana is skilled at editorial and writing work, and thrives on interaction with others (read: bakes birthday cakes!).” (Carolyn Dempsey, freelance copywriter)
  • “Gabriana has edited my Chronicle stories for the last 2 years, and is thorough, professional and easy to work with. It’s always nice to have an editor that’s two steps ahead…” (Richard Berman, VerbFactory Owner)
  • “In the short time Gabriana has worked at the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate she has tackled challenging assignments and taken them beyond the scope of the project. She is a sharp and outside the box thinker able to take on both creative and editorial sides of a project. Working closely with designers/photographers she is able to bring together the written word with a creative vision. Gabriana is comfortable in taking on writing assignments outside of her experience. She is able to research new writing assignments quickly and accurately. She is also a great project manager and is able to work well with other departments, outside resources and clients in keeping projects on schedule. Gabriana has a lot of drive, determination and enthusiasm that will take her and the company she will work for far. I have enjoyed working with Gabriana and would recommend and endorse her to future employers.” (Danny Lee, SF Chronicle Designer)
  • “Gabriana is a creative writer and original thinker who exceeds all expectations. She has a strong grasp of the English language, is a whiz when it comes to grammar (I rely on her often to proofread my materials) and has the ability to communicate in an effective manner. She also possesses a great sense of humor which has helped her form strong relationships with co-workers. Bottom line: she’s a joy to work with!” (Barry Katzmann, SF Chronicle Marketing Writer)

Non-profit marketing work testimonials…

  • “I could not have asked for a more top-notch Marketing Chair than Gabriana. After our initial meeting to plan out our Marketing strategy for the year, she jumped into action, and motivated her entire board of 30 individuals to contribute essays for our blog. With Gabriana’s careful editing, these essays have become true gems of our blog, bringing in above-average web traffic, and helping the community truly understand the important work that we do. Throughout our all of our partnered projects, Gabriana has truly been a pleasure to work with, and a trustworthy partner.” (Joy Powers, SFJCF Online Marketing Manager)
  • “Gabriana was a marketing dynamo in her position of Marketing Chair. She was organized and strategic, and started off by putting together a complete marketing plan with a strong focus on internet marketing and social media. Gabriana single handedly managed, edited and focused the direction of the first ever YAD Blog. Additionally, Gabriana also lent her creative vision to the development of many marketing projects such as promotional and informational products. Gabriana is a dedicated perfectionist who provided extraordinary marketing support to YAD while maintaining her full time position.” (Abra Annes, SFJCF YAD Director)
  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gabriana this year on a Community Board for the Jewish Federation of San Francisco. Gabriana took on a newly designed marketing role with the goal of increasing visibility for the organization. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with her creativity and dedication as well as the quality of her work. She’s an excellent writer and self starter. Gabriana has mapped our goals to specific projects such as a blog, a newly designed newsletter and a marketing video. On each she has taken initiative, brought in others as needed and delivered a fantastic end project.” (Sharon Goldstein, SYG LLC Founder)


Additional references available upon request. View Gabriana’s LinkedIn profile for further recommendations.